The MTC (Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones) manages type approvals in the country of Peru. These type approvals are issued for various types telecommunications equipment and/or apparatuses that verify they operate properly and safely in all areas of the country. At Approve-IT, our team can help you with your MTC Peru type approval needs.

Peru MTC Type Approvals

Our experienced local agent works directly with our connections at the MTC in Peru, enabling us to help you get the type approvals you need as fast as possible. Radio equipment approvals that adhere to United States (FCC) of Canada (ISED) standards help ensure easy access to markets. Devices without prior FCC or ISED approval may be certified in Peru using a detailed product technical manual.

Once type approval has been obtained for radio technologies, they have indefinite approval in Peru’s market. The equipment is not subject to further local testing. The validity period for the certificates is unlimited. This minimizes the long-term effort required by the manufacturer to maintain the certificate of conformity. No additional country specific product labeling is required as part of the type approval process.

Important Note About Cellular Products

The Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones (MTC) in Peru enforces the mandate to get Cellular Product approvals that were previously approved by the MTC without consideration of TAC and GSMA registration. The mandate now requires a GSMA registration as part of the updated approval requirement. Also, a separate MTC Peru approval is required for each TAC. So, if a cellular product has multiple TACs, we need multiple Peru MTC approvals. At Approve-IT, we can provide support for updating a Cellular Products MTC approval based on the previous MTC process, effectively avoiding any ongoing product importing issues into the country.

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