While it often seems everything is now wireless, many wired products (“telecom”) are still vital.

Telecommunications Terminal Equipment or Telephone Terminal Equipment (TTE) is also known as Terminal Equipment (TE) and includes devices with a direct connection to the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN). Wired devices without direct connection to the PSTN, such as equipment with only ethernet connections or Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE), are also typically considered telecom.

Telecommunications Regulatory Consulting
Wireless Approval Consultants

The Approve-IT team fields the most requests for telecom compliance for:

  • The United States through the Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments (ACTA)
  • India TEC
  • Mexico NOM-196
  • South Africa ICASA
  • The European Union
  • Indonesia SDPPI
  • Malaysia SIRIM
  • Russia FAC
  • Ukraine

Each country regulation has a different scope of products based on product type and/or telecom function.

Approve IT can help. Our team of experienced specialists helps you successfully manage all aspects of worldwide radio compliance from technical design to full compliance testing and documentation. We can also represent you before compliance authorities in more than 180 countries and legal jurisdictions and obtain radio approvals on your behalf.

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