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Gathering information and knowledge management are key for regulatory compliance and worldwide market access.

We maintain a comprehensive, proprietary compliance database we call “The Compliance Compendium” which holds spectrum information as well as regulatory information for various schemes. Our internal country guides for regulatory processes aid us in the daily pursuit of type approvals.

Despite all of this information, there are times where it is not 100% clear whether a product falls within a regulation’s scope or not.

Radio Frequency Type Approval Consultants
Telecom Regulatory Certificate

Whether you are working with a new technology, proprietary technology or would like a detailed report on how your product is within scope of a regulation, we complete the necessary research and reporting to answer your questions and help you move forward confidently.

Approve IT can help. Our team of experienced specialists helps you successfully manage all aspects of worldwide radio compliance from technical design to full compliance testing and documentation. We can also represent you before compliance authorities in more than 180 countries and legal jurisdictions and obtain radio approvals on your behalf.

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