Radio Type Approval

If you have a product that utilizes wireless technology, you need to know about radio compliance.

Wireless type approval services are considered a vital national resource because of how integrated they are into government, commercial, emergency and private communication networks. For these reasons they are managed by government agencies tasked with making sure these essential communications platforms are safe, reliable and free from interference.

Examples of well-known radio compliance requirements include:

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States

The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) across the European Union

However, countries from China, Mexico and Russia to Paraguay, Botswana and Singapore – and everything in between — also have requirements that may or may not match up with the FCC or RED. Regardless of the market you’re hoping to enter into, these requirements must be met before you can legally sell your radio products. Your best chance at obtaining radio compliance? Work with a partner who can help you define your product(s) at the earliest stages of development. Design choices made at this stage will determine how a product fits under each country’s requirements.

Radio Frequency Type Approval Consultants
Radio Type Approval

Navigating the complicated web of requirements to get your product to market globally is best left to the pros. Why?

  • Radio devices can operate on frequencies that may be legal in one country but not in a neighboring country.
  • Each country may have its own testing requirements, frequency allocation rules and exposure limits

Approve IT can help. Our team of experienced wireless approval consultants helps you successfully manage all aspects of worldwide radio compliance from technical design to full compliance testing, radio frequency certification and documentation. We can also represent you before compliance authorities in more than 180 countries and legal jurisdictions and obtain radio frequency type approvals on your behalf.

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