While these regulations mainly originated in the EU and USA and are still most strictly enforced in these countries, the rest of the world is quickly catching up. In many cases, most notably with RoHS, countries are adopting the exact requirements of the EU and then requiring their own national approval using the EU data as evidence of compliance.
Other countries are developing their own unique national standards and programs that require a separate evaluation against the local standard. With so many new country requirements being introduced, it is difficult to know what is really required, what is voluntary and which products fall under each scope.
Approve-IT works closely with our partner labs to assist with your Tier I environmental testing and evaluations.
Once the Tier I approvals are complete, our global team helps you manage your international environmental approvals.
Approvals we commonly manage include:

  • CONUEE (EE, Mexico)
  • NRCS (EE, South Africa)
  • Customs Unions (EAC) RoHS
  • Ukraine RoHS

We also extensively research and provide valuable information for WEEE and other mandatory and voluntary recycling requirements.

Contact Approve-IT today and we can clearly share the detailed information and requirements related to Green approvals in your destination countries.

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