We ensure your products meet the compliance standards of global organizations for industry categories such as technology, radio, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), safety, green and more.

Our Global Regulatory Compliance Services

Regulatory compliance on a global scale must be proactive rather than reactionary. Ideally, it involves working with various governing bodies, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders upfront to keep projects on schedule. Interpreting regulations domestically, let alone globally, is not always an easy task. That’s why it’s always best to work with qualified and experienced compliance professionals.

We support approval of your wireless and radio equipment, telecom equipment, EMC, electrical safety equipment, and more, ensuring they meet the requirements of global regulatory agencies. With international compliance certification, the door swings wide open for your products in the global marketplace.

You can trust our team at Approve-IT to thoroughly evaluate your product and provide direction on the best pathway for complying with the relevant regulatory agencies in your global market.

Our regulatory compliance testing services are a key factor in enabling us to open your products to the global market.

With over 27 years of experience managing the logistical, business, and technical facets of wireless product approvals, we have you covered when it comes to ensuring the compliance of your products with global regulations.

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