Approve-IT has a global team with experts in every area of wireless global compliance. Our Consulting Services cover everything from your initial product idea to the delivery and support of products to your customer.

Approve -IT has more than 25 years of experience managing the technical, business and logistical aspects of wireless product approvals. In that time, we have continued to add the services our customers need. We have experts in RF Engineering, EMC Testing, detailed country regulation analysis and other critical areas of compliance. In addition, we are involved in many different groups, forums and official government think-tanks to support our customers and stay ahead of the dynamic wireless environment.

Compliance Consulting Services
Regulatory Compliance Consulting Services

We understand the challenges of the RF compliance environment. Implementation and management of wireless devices requires multiple processes to be developed and many groups supported. The Approve-IT team has the deep knowledge and experience to guide you through the journey from start to finish. We can work with you through the entire process of developing and maintaining your wireless product, including:

  • Wireless business models
  • Product specifications
  • RF product design
  • Internal design testing
  • External testing and qualification
  • Managing external approval process
  • Manufacturing/production
  • Product support after release
  • Protecting your product from regulatory changes
  • Tracking global technology trends
  • Redesign

Each area has unique challenges specific to your product and company. We work to understand your needs and support you with comprehensive solutions and information that drive your success.

Approve IT can help. Our team of experienced specialists helps you successfully manage all aspects of worldwide radio compliance from technical design to full compliance testing and documentation. We can also represent you before compliance authorities in more than 180 countries and legal jurisdictions and obtain radio approvals on your behalf.

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