Homologation Services
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Our Homologation Testing and Certification Services

Our team at Approve-It provides homologation consulting services to enable or assist you with your product approval process. We are able to ensure your products achieve full compliance to all governing regulations and standards.

We are here to help you successfully navigate existing regulations to make your product acceptable and saleable in your chosen markets. From beginning to end, our efforts focus on guiding your product through the various approval authorities, whether in the U.S., Europe, or other regions of the world. Our team of homologation consultants can provide you with a number of key services, including:

  • Help determining the legal and technical requirements for your target markets
  • Determining the specific approvals you need
  • Optimizing the efficiency and number of the compliance and approval tests required
  • Supporting your product approval process, from application filing to reception of your homologation certificate
  • Providing consultation about ambiguous language in legal standards that govern homologation testing
  • Helping you in preparing compliance documentation for your target markets

Our homologation services are ideal for large company projects involving new technologies or start-ups that can make great use of our expertise and experience to reduce the risk of product failures and save time and money.

Contact Us for Homologation Testing and Certification Services

For more information about the product homologation services we offer and the process for obtaining a homologation certificate, call us today at 651.647.5930 or leave us a message through our contact form.