EMC ensures that multiple devices can coexist in a shared electronic environment

Electromagnetic compatibility directive compliance refers to the ability of electrical and electronic systems, equipment and devices to operate in their intended electromagnetic environment within a defined margin of safety, without causing unacceptable degradation as a result of electromagnetic interference. More simply, you want a device to behave like a radio when it is supposed to and not to behave like a radio when it is not supposed to.

Countries around the world evaluate all or part of non-radio equipment for Radio Frequency (RF) emissions to their unique standards and ensure that equipment can transmit and receive information without disrupting other frequencies.

If equipment is operating in an industrial application or sensitive RF environment, it is tested to ensure it will maintain proper operation and communication while being bombarded with radio frequencies. In this case, the equipment must be designed for Immunity and Susceptibility.

Electrical Safety Compliance
EMC Compliance

Many countries require compliance with some level of EMC regulations before products may be imported. Other countries mandate specific test laboratories perform testing within their jurisdiction prior to products entering their market.

You can count on Approve-IT to review your product in detail and provide guidance on how you can comply with the appropriate EMC regulatory requirements for your global markets.

Approve IT can help. Our team of experienced specialists helps you successfully manage all aspects of worldwide radio compliance from technical design to full emc compliance testing, compatibility certification and documentation. We can also represent you before compliance authorities in more than 180 countries and legal jurisdictions and obtain radio approvals on your behalf.

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