“We prefer to send projects to Approve-IT, as they always give feedback to us promptly with professional knowledge, and we have nice cooperation experience with you.”

– Project Coordinator at Major Compliance Lab

“You did a great job with certifying our product in Brazil. It was unexpected by us that the certifications papers could be finalized so quickly.”

– Director at European Consulting Firm

“Thank you very much for the risk analysis- it’s very helpful and exactly the type of input we need and appreciate.”

– Certification Program Manager at Fortune 100 Company

“We appreciate the work that have been done regarding the ANATEL approval, and we want to thank you all for doing a great job related to this. Our opinion is that the approval process has been handled in a professional manner.”

– Project Manager at Major Navigation Systems Manufacturer

“It’s great to have you & your team’s support on these projects, we hope we can get more & more high value projects in future!”

– Project Coordinator at Major Compliance Lab

“I truly appreciate you help, candor and counsel with our projects. Your business model works very well for us in a big part due to your constant attention to detail and willingness to keep us on the forefront of information regarding our international business.

I have never had problems with any certifications or approvals obtained through Approve-IT. On the contrary you have been able and willing to bailed us out from several problematic customs debacles.”

– Project Manager at Major Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer

“The pressure from EU sales was unbearable! But if it wasn’t for the good teamwork of many, this project would not have been completed this early.”

– Project Manager at Fortune 500 Company

“Thank you so much for your great support. My colleagues and I do appreciate for your help. You are our best partner.”

– Project Manager at Major Compliance Lab

“Approve-IT takes the extra effort to save customers money on multiple model projects providing analysis and confirmation where family certifications can be performed over individual model certifications.”

– Compliance Manager of Fortune 100 Company

“We could not be more impressed by the services provided by Approve-IT. They have gone over and above the call of duty. In the world of compliance, we work for years and years to develop long standing, strong relationships with our certification agents built on trust. Our agents are part of our extended team. Everyone has been outstanding: Knowledgeable – happy to help with complicated questions, responsiveness, sharing in the sense of urgency, detail oriented, outside the box thinking, etc. and all this at a reasonable price.”

– Compliance Manager at Fortune 100 Company

“Approve-IT did a great job completing our Mexico certification faster so we could bring our product to market at an earlier date.”

– Compliance Manager at Major Mobile Phone Manufacturer

“Nate Grinager and his company, Approve-IT, are awesome. I have used them for many years. You can always count on them to get the job done fast and with quality for APAC, EMEA, LATAM, etc.”

– Compliance Manager at Fortune 100 Company

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