As part of our integrated service, you can trust your project is in safe hands throughout the entire approvals process.

Your Approve-IT single point of contact will keep you updated throughout the approval process with regular status reports, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

Our dedicated team has you covered at each step:

  • Reviewing your product to make recommendations on cost-effective ways to meet the requirements of your target markets
  • Immediate submission and fast turnaround from small to large scale projects
  • Regular status reporting providing insight into the approvals process happening locally
  • Keeping track of your products’ ongoing requirements in each market to help you automatically make renewals
  • Guiding you on updates needed to meet new or changed market requirements.
  • Maintaining a stable price structure that passes savings directly to our customers

Rely on us to simplify your global compliance approval processes, so you can focus your energies where you’re most needed – and be confident your products will launch on time and be fully compliant.

We have in place the necessary security and quality building blocks to give you peace of mind.

  • Quality management system developed to ensure high quality, consistent service, continuous improvement and risk reduction.
  • Dedicated security measures to ensure your sensitive materials and samples remain confidential.
  • Backed by professional liability insurance.