As noted in our update posted on May 3, an agreement regarding enforcement of NOMs (Official Mexican Standards) will come into force on June 3.  Since our posting, we have been in discussions with our local partners in Mexico who have been attending a number of meetings on the issue.
Although we have not yet deciphered all of the implications, we can report on a few issues.

  1. Up until now, examples given by the Secretary of the Economy have been for safety certificates only – not radio or telecom products subject to the PEC approval process. We hope to hear more regarding radio and telecom in the following week.
  2. As noted, all safety NOMs will have to be updated to include the HS Code of the product.  In order to do this, we will need our clients to provide us with the HS Codes of the products that have been certified. There will be a modest fee for the issue of updated certificates.
  3. For manufacturers who wish to later import spare parts, it is important to note that many of these parts will be subject to NOM standards.  For example, the screen on a television is subject to NOM 001. Under the new agreement, replacement parts with NOM requirements should be listed on the NOM certificate of the final (host) product. Therefore, a safety NOM for a television should first list the HS Code of the television itself, but then go on to mention the part number of the screen as well as the HS Code of the screen. The same also applies to any accessory that has been included as part of a system certification. For this latter case, if a remote was included in the safety approval of a television, the remote and its HS Code should be included on the NOM Safety certificate of the television.