In the U.S., product standards are in place that prevent interference from electromagnetic energy sources to minimize potential radiofrequency (RF) interference between electronic equipment and devices. Any electronic equipment or device sold in a U.S. marketplace must not degrade the safety of the public or interfere with the operation of other electronic devices. At Approve-IT, as an FCC U.S. agent, we can facilitate and expedite the FCC testing and certifications you need for your products.

Certification by the FCC primarily involves the approval of devices in the U.S. that utilize wireless technologies. Manufacturers that intend to sell licensed RF, telecom, or low powered transmitters in the U.S., must have their products undergo testing by labs that are listed or accredited by the FCC and also certified by the FCC for compliance with EMC/Telecom standards.

Getting Faster FCC Certification

The FCC has established Telecommunication Certification Bodies (TCBs) to improve the efficiency of the certification process for U.S. based and non-U.S. based manufacturers. The certification bodies are authorized by the FCC to review certification applications submitted by the customer and issue FCC grants as part of the approval process.

Manufacturers can expect a normal FCC certification process to take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. However, the FCC has sped up the process through the use of various private companies that issue these certifications along with the TCBs that also hasten the approval process, enabling many certifications to be obtained within a few weeks.

At Approve-IT, as your FCC U.S. agent, we handle the challenging aspects of obtaining FCC certifications for you, enabling you to get your products on the market faster and have sales and revenue from coming in sooner.

U.S. Agent for Service of Process

Approve-IT may also serve as the U.S. Agent for Service of Process as required by section 2.911(d)(7) if the manufacturer does not have an office within the U.S. to serve this purpose.

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