The term Type Approval refers to the process of confirming and registering products and equipment that may be allowed and used in the UAE without creating interference or short- or long-term network damage. Under Type Approval, radio and telecommunications terminal equipment must meet certain technical standards and requirements. Before the equipment can be used, sold, or distributed in the country, it must be registered with the TDRA. At Approve-IT, we are your premier type approval service provider for international marketplaces, including for UAE TDRA approvals.

UAE TDRA Type Approval Certifications

The TDRA generally does accept equipment/product test reports and certifications previously created for European compliance / CE marking. In UAE, there is an official test requirement, however additional local tests are generally not required except for cellular products, and a local representative is also not required.

For products distributed in the UAE, the TDRA defines a label called a Declaration of Conformity Card as required on these products. This Declaration of Conformity Card must have the TDRA registration number for the manufacturer (Dealer ID) and the assigned product number which varies between products and is designated by the authority involved in the certification process. The model and type are also required on the label.

Homologation requirements in the UAE do not include contact with local representatives or local lab testing. One key to obtaining certificates is to have a valid supplier registration, and a foreign manufacturer can fulfill this requirement. Manufacturers should plan about 2 weeks for receiving a TDRA certification. This certification is good for three years. Recertification for an unchanged product is also required thereafter, which is also valid for three years.

Get UAE TDRA Type Approval Help

At Approve-IT, we provide a seamless process for UAE type approvals. Throughout the certification process, we coordinate with the TDRA to help you obtain the type approvals you need in the UAE market.

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