Electrical products imported into the country of Mexico are required to adhere to all NOM requirements in addition to any applicable energy efficiency mandates. As a manufacturer of one or more of these products entering the Mexican market you are required to have evidence of NOM compliance for each product. At Approve-IT, our team offers Mexico NOM certification assistance for your products entering the Mexican market.

NOM Certification

The Norma Official Mexicana (NOM) certification consists of an array of legal enforcement documents and standards that govern products, services, and processes that may potentially cause a health or safety risk for humans, animals, plants, or the environment. Testing of these products may be performed in a laboratory inside or outside of Mexico, prior to submitting to a local Organismo Nacional de Estandarización (Certification Body). If the testing is performed outside of Mexico, the laboratory must have a mutual recognition agreement approved by the Mexican General Directorate of Standards (DGN).

Electronic and electrical products slated for the Mexican marketplace must meet all applicable NOM requirements, which include:

  • Safety requirements (certification)
  • Homologation
  • Commercial information requirements (packaging)
  • Energy efficiency

Every relevant product entering the Mexican market must adhere to the regulations and requirements mentioned above and receive a NOM marking. This includes exports that were once legally received into the country before these standards were in place.

Our Mexico NOM Certification Services

At Approve-IT, our team can help you obtain the NOM certifications you need for your products entering Mexico as quickly as possible. We understand the local requirements in Mexico for lab testing and more. Our team can help you with all required steps involving certification, testing, technical documentation, and inspections to ensure your product makes it into the Mexican market.

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To learn more about the NOM certification services we offer at Approve-IT, give us a call today at 651.647.5930 or use our contact form to send us a message.ved into the country before these standards were in place.