The market approval of products in South Korea is governed by the requirements of the local authority, Korea Certification (KC). Devices that function with radio technologies in South Korea must obtain market approval through KC certification. Once approval has been obtained, the manufacturer is required to use the KC certification mark which is valid on a permanent basis according to the authority’s specifications.

At Approve-IT, our team can help you achieve the regulatory compliance you need for the broadcasting or communications equipment you plan to manufacture, sell, or import into South Korea.

KC Certification System

Any person or entity offering communication or broadcasting equipment in the South Korean market must obtain one of three possible certifications provided for under the Broadcasting and Communication Equipment Conformity Assessment System regulations:

1. Certification of Conformity
A party that intends to sell, import, or manufacture equipment that may cause harm to the broadcasting communication network, the radio environment, or others, in addition to those whose standard operations may be negatively affected by radio waves may apply for a conformity certification by attaching relevant documents to the National Radio Research Agency (RRA).

2. Registration of Compatibility
A party that intends to import, sell, or manufacture communication and broadcasting equipment that requires no conformity certification may register the equipment by attaching a confirmation letter that confirms its compatibility to RRA over the Internet.

3. Interim of Conformity
In some cases, it may be challenging to evaluate the conformity of communication and broadcasting equipment, or there may be no available criteria for assessing the conformity. In these cases, the conformity may be evaluated utilizing the specification, technical, or standard criteria of Korea or other nations and then connecting the period of validity, the region, and certification condition to the imported, sold, or manufactured equipment.

Our KC Certification Services

At Approve-IT, we offer our customers comprehensive certification and type approval services for the Korean market. We can handle all of the project requirements for you that involve the testing and certification process, including necessary coordination with the local KC certification authority and any other local representatives. Our team will work to provide you with a fast and efficient approval process to get your products approved for the Korean market.

Safety certification for Electric goods and household goods (KC safety)

The manufacturer or importer of a product that is subject to the requirement of safety certification must receive the safety certification as per the Decree by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy. This program also requires that the factory must be inspected in order to ensure that the product’s quality can be maintained, as well as the inspection of the products themselves for their compliance with safety criteria so that the safety of the product in question can be verified before it is shipped.

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