Designated radio equipment, including business purpose radio, wireless LAN, and cellular phones used in Japan must adhere to the technical standards governed by MIC – the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan. At Approve-IT, we provide Japan MIC certification and type approval services that facilitate prompt type approvals of products headed for the Japanese market.

The nature of the certification process employed for a product market approval in Japan depends on the type of device or the interfaces and technologies used in the device. If a product used in Japan consists of radio technology, the Radio Law requires the certification process.

Our Japan MIC Radio Type Approval Services

At Approve-IT, we offer type approval services for products entering the Japanese market. We help you achieve cost-effective and trouble-free market access for your products in Japan through our relationship with the MIC regulatory body, local test labs and certification bodies, among other advantages and capabilities we provide.

Under the Radio Act, type certification or construction type certification verifies product conformity through the examination of required documents submitted by the manufacturer. Among these documents are those that pertain to the construction type, testing of radio equipment, and manufacturing procedures.

A certificate is provided for a particular type of radio equipment. Thus, when the design or manufacturing methods change, a reapplication for certification based on the new type is required.

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