Type approvals granted in the country of Chile are governed by SUBTEL – Subsecretería de Telecomunicaciones. Radio equipment approvals in Chile are based on local regulations and testing to FCC standards or European Union standards may generally be used for efficient access to the Chilean market, assuming the test results are within the accepted local limits. At Approve-IT, through our coordination with the Chile SUBTEL agency, we can help you obtain the type approval and conformity certificates you need as quickly as possible.

Chile SUBTEL Certification

During the SUBTEL certification application process, manufacturers may utilize certificates and technical documentation from CE and FCC certification, along with some specific local documentation requirements. Manufacturers should plan for a 2 to 6 weeks period for SUBTEL certification. Chile does not require any local testing to be performed in laboratories located in the country. The Chilean homologation process does not require contact with local representatives or local laboratory testing.

In Chile, as opposed to many other countries, devices (other than mobile phones) that utilize wireless technologies do not require a certification label, including on the packaging, in the manual, or on the product itself.

When a mobile phone receives approval and certification, the manufacturer must print the correct label on the packaging for the phone – a minimum height of 2 cm must be considered for the label. The mobile phone itself requires no label.

Our SUBTEL Chile Type Approval Services

Our trained and experienced team can work directly with SUBTEL and help you achieve the product certifications and type approval as you need in the shortest time possible based on applicable SUBTEL requirements.

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