The certification of wireless technology products in the Brazilian marketplace depends on approval from ANATEL (Agência Nacional De Telecomunicações) – the local authority for such certifications in Brazil. National specifications for the testing and certification process govern the approval of these products in Brazil. At Approve-IT, we are your source for homologation certification services through the Brazil ANATEL organization and process.

Brazil ANATEL Certification

An extensive range of products require ANATEL certification and can be classified into three different categories: Terminal Equipment, Restricted Radiation Equipment, and Remaining Radio Equipment.

The various products that require subjection to the homologation process include radio transmitters, fixed modems, cell phones, and other products that utilize telecommunication. Additional products and accessories which may not produce or receive signal transmissions, such as batteries and cell phone charging cables, must also undergo homologation through ANATEL.

Without homologation through ANATEL, the use of telecommunications products and commercialization in the country Brazil is not allowed. Once the homologation process is completed, an approval code is generated that is nontransferable and personal to the approval holder. Upon approval, products must showcase a label having the approval number and the ANATEL logo.

Our ANATEL Brazil Homologation Services

At Approve-IT, we utilize a high-quality process when facilitating homologation in accordance with ANATEL requirements. Through the relationships we have developed with various test labs and OCDs (Organismo de Certificação Designado) in Brazil and the ANATEL authority, we can help you with every step in the process of obtaining homologation for your products headed for the Brazilian market.

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