Rely on our one-stop shop type approval services for your regulatory compliance approval and guidance needs – end to end – for Radio, Telecom, EMC, Electrical Safety, Green, and other requirements.

We successfully serve customers – ranging from startups to leading global manufacturers – seeking to launch products in the world’s biggest countries and most remote markets, whether they accept internationally recognized standards or require compliance with complex local standards.

Radio & Telecom Type Approval/Certification

Due to the sensitive nature of radio spectrum and network use, this is the most highly regulated area we work with, and also our specialty. Each country has different local requirements for Radio & Telecom products. If your product has a radio, or connects to the public telecommunications network, we will help you understand and meet these requirements, anywhere.

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EMC & Electrical Safety

EMC & Electrical Safety requirements exist to protect end-users and other equipment from potential hazards. Due to the various plug types, electric potential and frequency, navigating the different EMC and safety schemes can be difficult. With our experience working with different AHJs, NRTLs, NBs, NRTLs and NCBs we can help guide you through this regulatory maze.

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Green Compliance

Green compliance refers to the certifications and compliance that are set forth to protect the environment and public health. This includes, but is not limited to, energy efficiency, REACH, RoHS, WEEE, Proposition 65, etc. We will help you understand and adhere to any applicable environmental health and safety requirements in your target markets.

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Regulatory Consulting and Research

Our global team of regulatory compliance professionals stays abreast of – and ahead of – the current, changing and emerging standards, technologies and regulations. We use our vast network of local offices and agents as well as our strong relationships with regulatory authorities to confirm critical information that may impact your product. This information is stored in our knowledgebase, allowing timely delivery by Approve-IT staff. Contact us at any stage in your product development lifecycle to learn what you need to know before you invest time and resources into your products for target markets.

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Regulations and standards are constantly changing as new technologies develop and regulators react. Our team has built strong relationships around the world with compliance bodies and regulatory authorities to stay on top of these changes, inform our customers before they are implemented, and represent the concerns and questions of our customers in front of the regulators. We understand the impact new regulations can have on your products and we’ll ethically leverage our relationships to interact with authorities on your behalf.

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Regulatory Compendium

Approve-IT’s Type Approval Compendium is a collection of concise but detailed information on global regulatory compliance as it relates to electrical equipment. For more details please Contact Us. Login Here for Access to the Compendium

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