If your device contains a radio or connects to the telecommunications public network, then it must comply with local regulations before reaching your target markets. In most countries, this is called RF Type Approval, certification, or homologation.

Each country governs their radio spectrum and public network by determining frequency allocations and establishing the regulations and certification schemes for its use. The efficient use of the spectrum in particular is becoming more important as the use of wireless devices increases and a higher demand is placed on the spectrum.

Local Expertise

RED or FCC compliance is a basis for certification in most countries, but the majority also have a mandatory approval scheme for radio and telecom devices. Whether there is any local testing or other special requirement, we will navigate the process wherever you’re targeting in the world.

Technical Requirements

Local regulations and approval schemes are always changing, especially with the introduction of new technology and uses of the spectrum. Our vast internal database tracks the frequency allocations, standards, and technical parameters defined by each country. For example, an agency may require EN 300 328 or FCC 15C for a WLAN device, however, their own national standard may differ. Our experienced team will help you understand the requirements, including the allowed frequency band and power limits for your product.

Modular & Family Approvals

Our team listens to your needs and determines the best and most cost-effective approval strategy that gets you to market on-time and stress-free. During the initial stages we will consult with you to determine if modular or family approval is possible to streamline the approvals process and minimize costs.

Global Reach

Contact us for more details on the RF & Telecom approval schemes in your target market. Our global network of local experts will help you feel confident that your product meets all necessary standards and gains the required approvals.

Please visit our Countries & Territories for supported approvals/certifications.