Our experienced team is dedicated to serving our customers and is willing and able to process all compliance or research requests. We have been continually challenged to provide up to date information on various topics that are critical to our clients diverse product lines.

Using our knowledge base and leveraging our vast network of local agents and direct relationships with regulators, we can provide detailed information in a well organized deliverable to meet your requests.

Launching a new product?

We leverage our extensive knowledge base to determine a certification/homologation plan tailored specifically to your product.

Changing a product that’s already been certified?

We’ll determine the impact of those changes on existing certification and work directly with authorities to determine what is needed to maintain compliance.

Entering a new country?

We’ll identify the requirements for your specific products and clearly explain each stage of the certification process.

Working with a new frequency or technology?

No problem, we’ll confirm the countries that already allow use and which countries may not allow use of this frequency or technology.

Need specific details?

We can research anything and everything you may need to know about a country and it’s regulatory scheme(s) and present our findings in a well organized deliverable. Here are a few examples of our most recent research:

  • Agricultural, Industrial, Mining: Manufacturers of these types of equipment have installed wireless modules in order to better control their devices and/or to communicate critical information. We have been able to support wireless certification of these modules, and also confirm additional requirements necessary for the agricultural equipment itself through the government authorities who regulate agriculture in countries with mandatory requirements.
  • 60GHz allocations: We have identified the countries that allow use of 802.11ad products in the 60GHz band, and also confirmed the allowed frequencies and output power limits for each country.
  • Wireless Charging: We researched different wireless charging technologies and confirmed the countries that require mandatory homologation, the frequency bands that can be used by wireless chargers, and the output power limits the wireless chargers must operate within.
  • Medical Device Compliance: We studied the regulations for medical compliance for a manufacturer who extended their product scope to include devices that could be considered medical equipment. Using our existing network, we were able to identify the requirements and certification processes in a select country list.
  • Metrology: Using our knowledge base, we were able to identify the requirements for measuring equipment in several countries worldwide and outline the application process for a major manufacturer.