We’ve built a reputation for having deep knowledge and high ethical standards that enable us to successfully interact with authorities on your behalf, quickly and effectively. We stay on top of global regulatory standards in all of the countries we service and communicate them to you

As members of the Radio Equipment Directive Compliance Association (REDCA) and the TCB Council (FCC) we actively participate in and monitor changes in EU and FCC regulations that impact not only the EU and USA but also the many countries that look to these standards for guidance. We proactively share changes with clients while also advising them on if and/or how they take action. Several examples from the past few years are:

  • Brazil: Attending numerous ANATEL conferences and workshops to voice customer concerns and questions for changing test resolutions.
  • Caribbean: Conference call with a regulator advising them on several specifics for setting up their newly introduced type approval system. We encouraged the regulator to exempt certain types of equipment based on compliance with FCC or CE approvals, keep a low regulatory fee to encourage compliance, and to have a longer validity period for the certificates to avoid renewals.
  • Ecuador: Gathering comments from manufacturers and presenting them to ARCOTEL regarding the proposed new ARCOTEL homologation process during the open comment period four months prior to the passing of the updated regulation. The recently passed regulation (June 15th, 2017) has eliminated the previously required test sample requirement.
  • Oceania: Summarizing the regulatory fees of other countries in the region as a comparison to advise a specific regulator in setting their official regulatory fee.

In countries that have not yet established formal regulatory approval systems, we proactively work to help regulators determine how to approve products so clients get to market quickly, efficiently and safely. Doing so allows us to express the concerns and questions of our customers during the authority’s development of their approval guidelines.

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