Radio Frequency Certification

Regardless of the specific market you are entering, in order to sell radio products legally, you must adhere to radio compliance requirements, including those from U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the European Union’s Radio Equipment Directive (RED). It is important to work with a partner that can help you define your products in their infant stages of development. Our team at Approve-It can help you benefit from the connections we offer worldwide that enhance your ability to obtain the radio frequency certification you need for various products.

Our Radio Frequency Certification Services

Depending on the use of the product (automotive devices, medical devices, consumer electronics devices, telematics devices, or others), radio regulatory certification requirements can vary to a great degree. It is best to rely on professionals to help you navigate the intricate array of requirements for getting your product into international markets. Radio devices can function on frequencies that may be legal in one nation and illegal in another. In addition, the radio frequency certification requirements may vary, including limits of exposure, testing and certification.

Our team is here to help you successfully navigate the radio compliance and technical design, testing, and documentation aspects of the certification process. We can also obtain radio approvals on your behalf, representing you before authorities in over 180 nations.

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