Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

The purpose of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing is to ensure that your electrical and electronic device does not discharge a large quantity of conducted and radiated emissions – or electromagnetic interference – and that your device continues operating as designed when subjected to various electromagnetic phenomena. At Approve-IT, we can help you obtain the electromagnetic compatibility testing you need to get your products into your target international markets.

The Requirement for EMC Compliance Testing

Regulatory agencies across the world impose restrictions on the various levels of emissions that electrical and electronic products may generate. In addition, some areas mandate electromagnetic immunity testing, depending on the type of product.

Protection of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

The electromagnetic spectrum is limited when it comes to radio and other electronic device transmissions. This spectrum continues to become more crowded as the number of electronic devices in use expands. The proper operation of these devices depends on protecting this essential resource.


For numerous industries and products, EMC performance is critical, even life-saving. Critical safety applications depend heavily on the proper electromagnetic compatibility of equipment and devices.

The operation and performance of electronic products are easily impacted by internally and externally EMC phenomena. Electromagnetic compatibility testing helps make sure your device will properly operate in a standard EMC environment and also minimize the number of product returns as a result of inadequate EMC performance.

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