Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Certification

Achieving EMC certification is an involved process that demands knowledge of the compliance requirements in various countries, standards, and regulations surrounding electromagnetic compatibility. Even the smallest error in the documentation or the process can force you to begin the process over again from scratch, adding time and material cost to the entire effort. At Approve-IT, we offer electromagnetic compatibility certification services to ensure your products meet the various international EMC requirements that enable their entrance into overseas markets.

Our Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification Services

We specialize in providing international certification services. Our team of EMC experts can help you obtain the certifications you need in the shortest period of time possible, without cutting corners. As an experienced testing and certification service provider, we can help you avoid unnecessary problems and quickly resolve regulation non-compliance issues with your products that result in the certificates you need for international market access.

Part of the electromagnetic compatibility certification requirements include ensuring the product or equipment under testing does not disturb radio or telecommunication signals or other pertinent equipment in a particular country. Equipment should remain undisturbed by radio emissions during its intended use.

Electronic and electrical equipment – both fixed installations and apparatuses – must comply with country-specific EMC requirements when put into service or placed on the market. Without proper engineering design and practice, product and certification rejection is a real possibility.

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