Electrical Safety Testing

The purpose of electrical safety testing for equipment is to demonstrate that the equipment fulfills certain designated criteria, is safe for operation as intended, and that all potential risk of injury has been properly mitigated. At Approve-IT, we are your premier compliance service team, enabling you to obtain the electrical safety testing services you need in order to have your products or equipment obtain ultimate certification and gain entrance into your target markets.

Electrical Safety Testing Process

The assessment and testing of products take into account hazards associate with equipment and systems. This includes, but is not limited to hazards involving electrical, mechanical, vibration, thermal, fire, radiation, substance, material, noise, and ergonomic.

Testing, evaluations, visual assessments, and reviews of documentation are performed for the purpose of gathering evidence that demonstrates whether a product meets relevant safety criteria, which are usually defined by one or more national or international safety standards.

IECEE CB Testing

Over a period of 30 years, IECEE has set up an unchallenged reputation around the world for the testing and certification of electrical equipment. The national certification bodies (NCBs) of the IECEE are operating units that utilize testing laboratories that conduct the CB testing laboratories.

We have connections and partnerships in numerous countries to ensure your access to electrical safety testing and the control and reliability of those testing processes. Through our resources, industry connections, and experience, we can help you achieve the access to international markets you seek for your products. It begins with proper testing to meet conformance standards and achieve required certifications.

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