Electrical Safety Certifications

Electrical product manufacturers are required to adhere to stringent product safety regulations and pay close attention to various compliance and regulatory standards. As a result, they often require assistance with obtaining needed certifications for their products. By partnering with our team at Approve-IT, you can benefit from our experience and worldwide partnerships to achieve the electrical safety certifications you need in various countries. We have long-term relationships with numerous ISO 17025 certification bodies and accredited labs throughout the world.

Obstacles to Obtaining Electrical Safety Certifications

There are challenges that can arise in the process of obtaining electrical safety certifications. Product manufactures can often face hurdles that prevent them from accessing international markets, such as:

  • Insufficient supplier compliance documentation
  • Insufficient knowledge of regulations
  • Excessive safety testing costs
  • Maintaining of documentation
  • Excessively long lead times

Our Electrical Safety Certification Services

The process of bringing electrical equipment to market involves various regional and regulatory considerations that can often feel insurmountable. That’s where our team at Approve-IT comes in. We have the know-how and experience in the electrical safety industry to ensure your products fulfill all the necessary requirements to obtain the acceptance and certifications they need for market entry.

When your product meets safety testing requirements, you may have the opportunity to either obtain electrical safety certifications from an accredited certification body or issue your own self-declaration of conformity statements. When receiving product certification from a certification body, you may receive a quality, compliance, or national country mark with which to label your product, to prove your products has obtained necessary homologation or type approval.

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