The Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFETEL) of Mexico updated the “Procedimiento de evaluación de la conformidad en materia de telecomunicaciones y radiodifusión” (PEC) and published new Homologation Guidelines in December 2021. The updated PEC and Guidelines entered into force on June 27, 2022, establishing updates on the procedures, periods, and sample requirements schemes to carry out the certification – evaluation of the conformity of a product, equipment, device, apparatus, or infrastructure intended for telecommunications.

Please use the following link to access Approve-IT’s summary of the changes: Approve-IT Mexico Update (07-07-2022)

Important Notes:

  1. IFETEL published a new pricelist for the Homologation Procedures on July 7, 2022. New applications cannot be submitted until new prices are registered in the financial system.
  2. The industry feeling is that IFETEL is finishing “old regulation” applications, to start receiving new applications without mixing approval regulations.
  3. The current Provisional Homologation Certificates issued by the Institute prior to the entry into force of these Guidelines, may have an indefinite validity provided that within a period of one year from the entry into force of these Guidelines, to become Permanent Certificates.
  4. IFETEL is closed for vacations from July 18th through July 30th. Further delays are expected.

Please contact your Approve-IT project manager for more information.