As scheduled, NOM-121, the Mexican standard for WiFi and Bluetooth, expired October 19, 2015. IFETEL has issued Disposition IFT-008, which contains the parameters of the new WiFI/BT standard. Although IFT-008 is permanent, IFETEL does not hold the authority to issue official standards. This is done by the Secretary of Economy.

The Secretary of Economy has issued NOM-EM-016-SCFI-2015 as a temporary standard to replace NOM-121, valid for six months. This document refers to the parameters set out in IFT-008.

After six months, there will be a new permanent NOM that will also reflect IFT-008, so the actual testing parameters will not change. At that time, all certifications done to NOM-EM-016-SCFI-2015 will need to be updated to the new NOM, via a paperwork exercise. We do not yet know the fee for that update.

Please contact Approve-IT for more details or for a copy of IFT-008 or NOM-EM-016-SCFI-2015.