International Type Approval Certification

Manufacturers of products headed for global markets must deal with the challenges posed by various issues that prevent their entrance into those markets. At Approve-IT, we work with various organizations and testing facilities around the world. Our team can help businesses sending products to international markets ensure their products meet the standards and regulations established by those governments and associated authorities. We offer international type approval certification services to make products ready for various marketplaces around the world.

Each country has its own requirements when it comes to type approval certifications and certificates of conformity based on the different requirements for importing and selling products in those countries. This is why experienced type approval certification services for international markets are so important.

Our International Type Approval Certification Services

We help manufacturing clients with various type approval needs, including radio and wireless device type approvals and more. The close partnerships we have around the world with regulatory authorities and high quality laboratories enable us to ensure your products undergo the testing required for the fastest and surest path to obtaining a type approval certificate.

Type Approvals

We offer certification expertise backed by our attention to detail, superior customer service, and a commitment to providing our customers with precise answers to their questions. With every type approval certification service we provide, our team strives for excellence. We can help you obtain an array of compliance marks for your products based on the latest applicable wireless, EMC and/or safety standards and our partnerships with top tier laboratories and organizations.

Our team provides guidance, strategy, and services based on country specific requirements for type approval certification. We are also able to provide pre-testing services to meet specific standards in each country to discover any product failures. From this, you will be able to make any product changes as necessary to ensure compliance with certification requirements during the testing process.

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