The Direktorat Jenderal Sumber Daya dan Perangkat Pos dan Informatika (SDPPI) of Indonesia will officially implement Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing on December 1, 2023, beginning with Mobile Phones (Head Test Method) and following with additional devices in the six categories below between 2024 and 2026.


No. Device Type Parts of Body Mandatory Starting Date
1 Mobile Head December 1, 2023
Torso/Body/Limb December 1, 2025
2 Handheld Computer Head December 1, 2024
Torso/Body/Limb December 1, 2025
3 Tablet Computers Head December 1, 2024
Torso/Body/Limb December 1, 2025
4 Laptops Torso/Body/Limb December 1, 2025
5 Wearable Devices Torso/Body/Limb December 1, 2025
6 Virtual Reality Devices Head December 1, 2026


Beginning December 1, 2023, only local test reports published by SDPPI Labs in Indonesia will be accepted for new applications, renewals, and re-certifications. There will be a grace period of 2 years to transition to the new SAR regulation. During this time applicants may submit a test report as previously required for new certificates, renewals, and re-certifications, however they must also provide a statement letter that the product will be tested for SAR at an SDPPI Lab. SDPPI will publish the certificate, and applicants will then have a maximum timeframe of 2 weeks after the certificate is published to provide the SAR test report. The certificate will be cancelled if the test report is not delivered within the timeframe, or if the test result fails.

Please contact your Approve-IT project manager for more information.