Kementrian Komunikasi dan Informatika (KOMINFO) of Indonesia has opened a public consultation on a Draft Revision of Regulation PM KOMINFO No. 16 of 2018. The Draft Regulation includes the following updates:

  • SP2 Payment Period (Payment Notification Letter) has been changed from 5 days to 10 days.
  • Certification may be submitted by government agencies, international organizations and individuals, in addition to manufacturers.
  • There is no validity period for the certificate. Manufacturers who are still making, assembling, or importing devices after 3 years of the certificate’s issuance must apply for a new certificate.
  • Warning labels are mandatory for all telecommunications features, including Short-Range Devices (SRDs).
  • Manufacturers who do not make SP2 payments twice within a 1-year period will be subject to a sanction terminating certificate services for 6 months.

The consultation will be open for comments until November 17, 2023.

Please contact your Approve-IT project manager for more information or for support submitting comments.