Homologation Testing

Homologation involves bringing a product destined for a marketplace into regulatory compliance with governing agencies, ensuring it obtains the required certifications from the proper authorities in those countries. Before a product may enter a particular nation or region of the world, it must undergo homologation testing before it receives certification. At Approve-IT, our team can help you access and obtain the homologation testing you need for your products entering international markets.

Homologation Testing Services

The product testing required to achieve compliance with regulatory standards and fulfill homologation requirements must follow a specific process. Governing agencies will often require an audit or verification of the testing method performed and how the data for the test was obtained and kept.

It is vital to have qualified experts conducting these tests in accredited testing labs around the world in order to obtain acceptable results that will be recognized by the appropriate and relevant.

It is advantageous to utilize the services of a company that focuses directly on helping products obtain compliance with homologation requirements and moving successfully through the product certification process as opposed to leaning on in-house employees who are already burdened with other responsibilities and may also lack sufficient knowledge to work on homologation testing and compliance issues.

We can help you enter the markets that are ready to buy your products. Our homologation testing and certification service personnel are here to help and guide you through the process which can ultimately improve your company’s bottom line while keeping you safe.

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