Homologation Certification Services

The process referred to as homologation provides products with the certification and/or compliance they need to meet the guidelines set by regulating authorities, particularly at the federal, national level. Homologation is generally a requirement when it comes to the delivery and distribution of products in a particular country or region of the world. The term “homologation” has a history related to the automotive industry, but is also applicable for products, systems, and components in other industries. At Approve-IT, we are your source for homologation certification services.

Homologation Certification Requirements and Challenges

As manufacturers press into global markets, and particularly those which are developing, they can encounter an array of regulatory requirements pertaining to EMC, safety, energy, environmental, wireless, and more. The complex nature of global homologation demands that manufactures often experience multiple obstacles in gaining market access to their products, including:

  • High certification costs
  • Overburdened in-house staff
  • Unanticipated certification expirations
  • Inadequate advice on homologation from the outside
  • Loss of employees who have homologation expertise

It can become a full time job to navigate all of the processes associated with gaining homologation certification. It is better to rely on one person or one team with the experience, know-how, and resources to sort through the compliance maze. It often makes sense to collaborate with an organization that focuses on obtaining the product and homologation certificate needed for any country. That’s where we come in at Approve-It.

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