Over the years, there has been some question regarding the need to seek type approvals from INDOTEL for devices already approved by the FCC given language in the General Law of Telecommunications (No. 153-98) which states at paragraph (b) in article 62 that a device is considered to be approved when “It has a homologation issued by competent authorities in Zone I of the World Numbering Plan.” (translation provided by John Grinager)
Given that the DR is in ITU Zone 2, we believe that there is a typographical error in the law. However, the main point is that for several years, INDOTEL still required companies to file homologation petitions for devices even though they may have been homologated by other countries in the same zone, such as the FCC. On January 24, 2012, INDOTEL published a formal letter stating a different interpretation. In the letter, INDOTEL stated that products approved from authorities such as the FCC no longer required further homologation from INDOTEL.
However, based upon recent interviews by Approve-It staff both over the phone and in person with INDOTEL staff, it is the understanding of Approve-IT that INDOTEL will soon issue another letter reversing this policy, i.e., manufacturers will need to file with INDOTEL for approval of their products-even if they are approved by the FCC or another agency in Zone I.