The Colombian telecommunications regulator, Comision de Regulacion de Comunicaciones (CRC), has issued a new resolution, Resolution CRC 5031 de 2016which modifies the Capítulo I del Título XIII of the Resolution CRT 087 of 1997. This resolution states that all mobile phones, satellite connected devices, and devices connected to the Public Switching Telephone Network (PSTN) must obtain formal homologation. All mobile terminal equipment that operates in Colombian mobile bands (850MHz, 1900 MHz, [AWS] 1700/2100 MHz, y/o 2500 MHz) Independently if transmitting data and/or voice will be required to obtain type approval at CRC. This means applicable products without voice function are now included as mandatory to obtain a type approval certificate.

Effective Date: January 7th 2017. NOTE: This resolution is not retroactive. Meaning if your device has a dispensation letter in 2016, it is excluded from the homologation process.

Currently CRC is receiving an unexpected amount of requests, causing a significant backlog of approximately 3-4 weeks for ongoing processes.

For more details or a copy of resolution CRC 5031 de 2016, please contact Approve-IT.