Many manufacturers utilize electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) as a long-term investment to ensure the safety, proper operation, and entrance of their products into various markets. EMC demonstrates that a product is compliant with applicable directives and regulations. At Approve-IT, we help businesses gain entrance to various markets domestically and internationally through electromagnetic compatibility directive compliance.

The Purpose of Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electronic devices are vulnerable to interference from electromagnetic fields. Since electronic devices are in widespread use across populations in countries all over the world, the possibility of these devices interfering with other devices is high. This is why regulatory authorities require electromagnetic compatibility compliance of products and installations.

EMC compliance applies to many types of products, including TVs, computers, washing machines, and others. It is also required for sensitive and high-tech products that have enhanced sensitivity to electromagnetic energy, such as is produced from vehicles, aircraft, industrial installations, and ships.

Electromagnetic Testing

Electromagnetic compatibility directive compliance testing emulates the interaction between electronic and electrical equipment. The testing process reveals any interference that occurs during operation.

EMC provides regulatory agencies with the assurance that the products tested are safe and adequate for their intended operation in a particular setting, whether that is commercial, residential, or industrial. Before an electronic product can enter a market, EMC compliance is required.

With a successful testing process, any manufacturer can be confident of the reliability of their products. EMC compliance enhances brand loyalty, and reduces servicing costs and warranty issues. EMC testing identifies potential product issues which can be fixed prior to product production.

Electric and electronic equipment, whether apparatuses and fixed installations, must adhere to electromagnetic compatibility directive compliance requirements in various countries when they are introduced into the market. Products and their certifications may be rejected if proper engineering design and practice is not implemented.

Through access to high-tech electromagnetic compatibility testing equipment, you can ensure the products you are producing meet compliance regulations that help them achieve certification and acceptance into markets.

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