Regulatory compliance consists of the various regulations that manufacturers are required to follow to ensure products operate properly, protect human safety, and operate on available radio frequency bands. Many types of products are subject to regulatory compliance. Manufacturers that fall short of compliance risk losing much, including future credibility with vendors and regulatory agencies, and being subject to fines for violations. At Approve-IT, we help companies achieve regulatory compliance according to the standards and requirements of various regulatory authorities, domestically and internationally.

The Importance of Regulatory Compliance

Many businesses and organizations are not particularly excited about the process and procedures necessary to obtain regulatory compliance. However, the rules they must follow benefit businesses in various ways. Following compliance regulations sets a business up for success when it comes time to introduce a product to various markets. With regulatory compliance, companies can avoid fines and ensure business continuity and financial stability.

Compliance Failure

When a business or other organization ignores federal, state, local, or a foreign country’s regulations (if a product or service is being sold there), they invite potential fines and lawsuits. Negligence in this matter can mean legal trouble and long-term or permanent business losses. It could even mean business closure or bankruptcy. So, it is of prime importance to ensure your business or other organization adheres to all required compliance regulations and implements the processes and procedures to achieve such.

There are many negative consequences to losing the trust of government entities, other agencies, vendors, and employees due to lack of regulatory compliance. It can impact your ability to enter your target markets. When the brand images are damaged, the organization may have a hard time recovering future talent and industry connections.

After a business pays the penalties for falling short of regulatory compliance, your business must spend a large amount of time attempting remediation and recovery of what has been lost. This may involve changing the way business is done, redesigning processes and procedures, all of which can be very costly.

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