The types of certificates of conformity for products differ based on the varying requirements in different countries for the selling and importing of products. How certificates of conformity are required hinges on a particular nation’s market(s) and regulations. At Approve-IT, we offer services to our customers that enables the acquisition of the required certificates of conformity. There are challenges with achieving a type approval certificate of conformity in many countries, and this is no less true with Mexico NOM-208 homologation.

Certificates of Conformity

The reason for obtaining certificates of conformity is to verify for the governing authorities and marketplace that the product(s) conform to required country standards for safe operation and more, giving everyone concerned the assurance that the product(s) are not a hazard or risk to the general public or other equipment, etc.

The Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFETEL) implements the approval of wireless technology products in the market, giving manufacturers the chance to market their products in Mexico. The NOM-208 Conformity Assessment is applicable to telecommunications and broadcasting devices and products that utilize the radio frequency spectrum.

Specific Challenges of Meeting NOM-208 Conformity

  • The certification scheme “Procedimiento de evaluación de la conformidad en materia de telecomunicaciones y radiodifusión” (PEC) has changed several times in recent years, and tracking the changing requirements is difficult for manufacturers.
  • Different product types fall into different certification categories.
  • Manufacturers must identify the appropriate certification category: Type A, Type B or Type C.
  • Local testing is required in a Mexican test lab.
  • Products may be subject to only NOM-208, or NOM-208 plus additional NOMs.

For nearly 30 years, our staff of multilingual professionals and team of local agents have focused on the delivery of Type Approval & Regulatory Compliance services which help our customers get their products to large and small markets around the world.

Approve-IT is able to help manufacturers navigate the changing certification landscape, identify the correct certification/homologation path including the appropriate NOMs, schedule testing with a Mexican test lab, and work with the local Certification Bodies and regulator IFETEL to ensure a smooth process.

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