Homologation involves the process of achieving compliance for a product to be marketed with applicable regulating bodies, ensuring it receives the required certifications mandated by governing authorities. The process of homologation must often be completed before a product may be placed on the market in another country. At Approve-IT, we are your source for homologation services that enable the placement of products into various target markets due to regulatory compliance.

General Homologation Challenges

Manufacturers in today’s world seeking to place products into one or more international markets are often encountering regulatory requirements, including those in the radio, electrical safety, and EMC sectors. Due to these requirements, manufactures can face various challenges in getting their products access to these markets. Some of these challenges include:

  • Over-worked in-house personnel
  • Excessive certification costs
  • Unexpected expirations of certificates
  • Insufficient expertise in-house of how the homologation process works
  • Insufficient homologation guidance from outside sources

Specific Challenges of Meeting Brazil ANATEL Homologation

  • ANATEL homologation requires local testing.
  • When testing is completed, it requires certification by a local certification body, known as an “Organismo de Certificação Designado (OCD).”
  • After receiving the OCD Certification of Conformity (CoC), it then requires final homologation by ANATEL, which results in a Certificate of Homologation (CoH).
  • Due to the closure of some local Test Labs, scheduling testing is challenging and manufacturers must often wait for extended periods of time in order to complete testing. This may lead to delays in the manufacturer’s NPI (new product introduction) / product launch.

Whether you are looking to add some support to your existing team or you need one person to provide the homologation services you need, our team has the know-how and experience in the industry to meet your needs. We offer are dedicated to helping your achieve the compliance, approval, and certifications you need to enter your desired marketplace(s) in one or more other countries of the world.

Approve-IT is able to leverage relationships with local test labs, OCDs, and ANATEL to ensure the most efficient and cost effective solution for ANATEL homologation/certification.

To learn more about the homologation services we offer, give us a call today at 651.647.5930 or drop us a message through our contact form.