As it regards certification that appoints a United States agent for service of process, Section 2.911(d)(7) requires that the applicant must assign a contact in the U.S. for the purpose of functioning as the agent for the applicant as it relates to service of process. This requirements stands regardless of whether the applicant is a foreign or domestic entity. If the applicant is located in the U.S. he or she may self-designate to operate as the agent for service of process. At Approve-IT, we facilitate FCC 22-84 US Agent Services for clients requiring a U.S. agent to perform FCC ID applications for their products in accordance with FCC Part 2.911(d)(7) requirements. We also offer radio and electromagnetic compatibility certification services for our clients.

The FCC recently accepted and implemented FCC 22-84 that covers Protecting Against National Security Threats to the Communications Supply Chain through the Equipment Authorization Program. The FCC also modifies the Equipment Authorization Program and mandates the appointment of a U.S. Agent for the FCC certification process.

Application Requirements Under Section 2.911(d)(7)

Regardless of the scenario, a U.S. agent must be designated for service of process as an attachment to the application for equipment authorization. This should be in the form of a PDF document to the exhibit type “Attestation Statements.” The description text should identify it as the Section 2.911(d)(7) filing. The applicant is required to submit a written certification which must:

  • Be signed by the applicant and the assigned agent for service of process if the agent differs from the applicant.
  • State the consent of the applicant and obligation of the assigned agent to accept service of process in the U.S. for matters pertaining to the pertinent equipment, and at the email address and physical U.S. address of its assigned agent;
  • State the applicant’s acceptance of its responsibility to keep a service for process agent in the U.S. for no less than a year after either the finishing of any Commission-related judicial or administrative process involving the equipment, or the grantee has permanently ended all importing and marking of the pertinent equipment, whichever occurs later.

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