Brazil ANATEL changed the code used to identify the certificate of homologation issued for telecommunication devices. Now there will be 12 digits instead of 10:


The addition was in the first digits (HHHHH) which identify the number assigned by ANATEL: instead of 4 digits (HHHH), now there are 5 (HHHHH). Also, there was a modification on the code that identifies the manufacturer: instead of 4 digits (FFFF) now there are 5 (FFFFF).

Another important change was the exclusion of the barcode / GS1-EAN number, which no longer is mandatory. However, since the ANATEL online submission system is still requiring a GS1-EAN number, even after the publication of this change in the rule, we are waiting for further details from the Agency about the submission of new projects which will no longer have the barcode.

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