On September 13, NOM-208-SCFI-2016 was published in the official Gazette in Mexico City for comments that must be submitted by 60 calendar days from that date.  Full implementation is expected in January 2017.  This standard will replace both NOM-121-SCT1-1999 (NOM 121) and its successor NOM-EM-016-SCFI-2015. (NOM-016) This in effect sets the Wifi and BT and SRD standards for the following bands: 902-928 MHz, 2400-2483.5 MHz y 5725-5850 MHz.  Please note that RFID in the 900 MHz range is subject to the traditional process, not the testing process.

This does not set up a new testing procedure but instead refers back to Disposición Técnica IFT-008-2015 that was passed by IFETEL in 2015 and which was implemented under NOM-EM-016. Therefore, there will be no expected changes in testing compared to the protocols in use at this time.

The new standard does not invalidate the certifications completed under NOM 121 nor NOM-EM-016.  Certificates completed under those two previous standards that are marked “Definitivo” will continue their validity permanently.  Further, none of these certificates will be subject to audit.  However, the NOM-121 and NOM-016 certificates cannot be modified to include additional similar products.  Please note that certifications completed under NOM-016 that are marked, “Provisional” will expire on their normal one-year anniversary date.  These certificates cannot be renewed and will have to be re-certified.

Since NOM 208 is not yet in effect. IFETEL has granted NYCE the right to homologation products for one year using the Disposición Técnica IFT-008-2015.  We are not yet certain what will happen after NOM 208 is fully implemented, but expect to return to the procedure where we first test, obtain a certificate of conformity for a certification body authorized by the Secretary of the Economy, and then also seek a certificate of homologation from IFETEL.